Dahlonega truly is a magical place—especially at Christmastime! Twinkling lights. Horse-drawn carriage rides. A historic town square. Santa!

Hence, Hallmark found this picturesque southern town the perfect setting for one of their recent Christmas movies entitled “Christmas in Homestead.” Another feature film, “Christmas in the Smokies,” was filmed here back in 2015.

Dahlonega also caught the eye of one Southern Living author who penned an article entitled “Why You Really Need to Plan a Visit to Dahlonega, Georgia This Christmas.”

In light of the recent publicity, Dahlonega’s Old Fashioned Christmas, which kicks off every November, seems to have gotten even more extravagant. Huge swaths of tourists descend on the city to stroll the streets to do some shopping, check out the lights, ride in a carriage, and maybe even sit with Santa in his sleigh.

Here are three reasons that you should stop by Consolidated on your Christmas pilgrimage to Dahlonega.

It’s actually not cold in the mine.

Descending into a mineshaft seems like something that folks would want to do in the summer. However, the mine stays a consistent temperature year round. If it’s rainy or snowy or cold or windy outside, rest assured it’ll be about 55-60º.

Learn the History

Dahlonega would not be what it is today if it weren’t for Consolidated Gold Mine. Come learn about the gold rush that started this town and how we played a formative role in shaping this town into what it is today.

Beat the crowds

Don’t get me wrong, walking around downtown with the crowds at Christmas is amazing. However, it can be a bit overstimulating after a while. Our tours are a little more low-key in the winter months, so it can be a good time to catch a very intimate tour of a mine and escape the chaos.

Remember us when you’re visiting Dahlonega this Christmas season! We hope to see you soon!